Scooter Braun Pauses 7 Year Marriage With Yael: Definitely Not Separating Yet

Scooter Braun
Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun and mining heiress Yael Cohen, have called a temporary halt to their 7-year-old marriage. But inside reports say that they are not planning to divorce yet.

Scooter Braun is famous for having discovered Justin Beiber. The couple had been lately going through a rough patch and decided to give it a break, though insiders insist that they are not divorcing as yet. They remain friends, the sources said.

Scooter Braun Posts Happy Family Picture On Instagram

The couple has been posting happy family pictures of late on Instagram. Scooter Braun recently posted a wedding picture on their 6th  anniversary. There were pictures of the couple with their children.

Friends had reported that the couple was in for a separation soon. Scooter Braun and Yael began dating back in 2013. They have 3 children, Jagger, Levi, and Hart. Yael is also the founder of the F—k Cancer Foundation.

Scooter Braun earned worldwide notoriety among fans of Taylor Swift after Ithaca Holding, his company, acquired rights of Big Machine, Swift’s label, reportedly against her wishes. She accused him of being manipulative and an incessant bully. 

Scooter Braun has claimed that he had offered Swift to sell the tapes. He reportedly sold it after 17 months for $30M.

Scooter had spoken out after the controversy to Variety and said that he had offered to sit down with her several times but Swift had refused. He said that she had refused his offers to sell her back the catalog. 

He said that there had only been 3 to 4 meetings and there was a need for more openness. Scooter’s team members have spoken out that it was not possible that she had been in the dark about the deal when her father and her lawyer were finalizing it.

Yael Cohen had then firmly defended her husband and ripped into Swift for calling her husband a bully. She had posted a lengthy rejoinder on Instagram claiming Swift knew of the deal and had an opportunity to buy it back.

Scooter is also the manager of Ariana Grande and organized a benefit concert that reportedly raised $13 million after a bomb exploded in her Manchester, UK, concert.