Hunter Biden Has Agreed On Deal To Plead Guilty For Tax Charges

Hunter Biden

American attorney Hunter Biden has agreed to plead guilty to two charges of tax misdemeanor and has also admitted to a felony for having a gun in his possession. This information is as per a filing at the Justice Department. Hunter Biden is the second son of the US President Joe Biden

In his guilty plea, Hunter Biden will acknowledge his long drug addiction which has affected his felony of gun possession. As per the Justice Department filing, Biden is going to enter an agreement of a pretrial diversion. As stated by a source, closely linked with the ongoing issue, Biden’s gun felony will be resolved if he agrees to stay drug-free for a duration of 2 years and does not commit any further felonies.

President Joe Biden commented on his son Hunter’s guilty plea agreement at a California event, where he stated that he is very proud of Hunter. Previously in a statement on Hunter by a spokesperson of the White House stated that the First Lady and the President love and support Hunter as he is continuing to reconstruct his life.

Felony Gun Charge Of Hunter Biden 

According to the Justice Department Filing, Hunter Biden had a handgun in his possession, specified as a Colt Cobra 38SPL. As stated by the US Attorney of Delaware in October of 2018, Hunter Biden had the handgun in his possession for eleven days. However, according to Chris Clark, Biden’s attorney, in his understanding, the investigation on Hunter Biden which went on for 5 years is now resolved. Clark further stated that Biden knows it is vital to own the responsibility for the crimes he committed as he was dealing with drug addiction. He now looks forward to recovering and moving on in his life.