An Inquiry By The Georgia Election Board Exonerates Fulton County Of Election Fraud For 2020

Fulton County

The nearly decade-long inquiry into suspected improper activity by Fulton County workers of election during the election of 2020 was dropped by the Georgia State Election Board because there was no proof of a conspiracy, according to the board. According to a statement from the office of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, throughout their investigation, the several allegations that had been made in opposition to the Fulton County Dept. of Elections and Registration, especially the two workers of the election, were not true and unsubstantiated. 

During the 2020 election, ex-president Trump along with his team falsely accused the Fulton County workers at Atlanta’s SF Arena of counting phony mail-in votes.

Fulton County Workers Freed Of All Charges 

Investigators from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, as well as special agents from the GBI and FBI, found that there had been no proof of any kind of fraudulent activity as had initially been alleged. Former election employees Wandrea and her parent Ruby Freeman are being represented by an attorney who claimed that his clients were “collateral damage” in an attempt to rig the presidential votes.

This is more proof that Ms. Moss and Ms. Freeman were merely collateral damage in a planned scheme to taint the outcome of the presidential election 2020, despite having performed their civic duty and served their community. Lies against Ms. Moss and Ms. Freeman have repeatedly been shown to be untrue, and all those who continue to spread them ought to be held responsible.

Raffensperger stated that they have been through every charge of alleged voting fraud against those from Fulton County and continue to do so despite not being able to find anything to substantiate those charges. They further added that after a long battle, they are finally proud to say that the workers of Fulton County were innocent and must be freed from all charges.