Chelsea Handler Expresses Happiness For Her Partner

Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is in love! It is said that being in love is a beautiful feeling. Chelsea Handler seems to be experiencing the phase currently. She has opened up about her love life. Chelsea could not refrain from stating how happy she was being in love. She also stated that she has found the ideal man of her life. Chelsea revealed the news in an Instagram post recently. 

However, she did not mention the name of her love interest. Recent rumors are doing rounds that Handler and Jo Koy might be dating secretly. The couple was spotted at a recent MLB event. The event saw both the stars getting close and personal to each other. This development fueled up the rumors even more. Let us dive in to know more about the incidents below.

Chelsea Handler Refuses To Reveal Partner

Rumors are running wild about the possibility of Handler dating Koy. The couple was spotted at a recent event cuddling with each other. This sparked the rumors of the two being involved romantically. She posted a picture of herself on Instagram and followed it with a long caption. Handler expressed her gratitude towards all the people who have been a constant support. She reflected on how blessed she was to have these people in her life. 

She concluded the post by speaking about her love life. Chelsea said that she was finally in a romantic relationship. She stated that she had the best partner one could ever get. Chelsea Handler seemed overwhelmed with joy as she wrote that the feeling was beautiful. 

Chelsea Handler received congratulatory messages from everyone. Fellow actress Paris Hilton commented about her happiness for Handler. Katie Couric & Reese Witherspoon also expressed their happiness on the news. 

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