A Fourth Stimulus Check Worth $850 Is On The Way In June: Check Your Eligibility

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The stimulus checks are back again, but this time it is the state that has got into the act. With federal support on the pause mode, it has been left to states to use their surplus budget and the amount they received from the federal administration to combat the pandemic.

An $850 stimulus check has been approved even as inflation continues to rise at a trot not faced in over 4 decades. It has pushed up rates on about everything and has eaten into essential household budgets. The Maine stimulus check will help residents who continue to grapple with increased costs due to pandemic-fuelled inflation.

Around 850,000 residents are eligible for this stimulus check that will help defray costs that have touched new highs. Gasoline prices continue to rise each day. The proposal by Gov. Janet Mills received overwhelming support from the Maine legislature. The state will return 50% of the budget extra to residents for a sum of $729.3M.

Check Your Eligibility For The Maine Stimulus Check

This time around there aren’t any restrictions, according to wages as they were last year. Around 333,000 additional residents of the state will get stimulus checks under this program.

The check will go out only to full-time residents of the state who have filed their 2021 state IT return. They must meet the threshold for income to be eligible for the inflation relief check.

The filing deadline for Maine has passed, but residents can submit their returns to get access to the $850 check. But the revised deadline for filing is until October 31.

For residents who do not regularly file a state tax return, the state is assisting. Further, eligible residents should not be claimed as dependent on the filing of another state tax filer. Residents can check their eligibility with the revenue service at their website.

Residents can expect their stimulus checks to start in June 2022.