Multiple Stimulus Check On The Way: Check Your Eligibility For The $850 And $500 Payments And The $150 Gas Card

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With federal stimulus checks on pause, it is the states that are coming up with innovative financial schemes to help Americans tide over the financial crisis that has hit the nation. The support from the states includes a monthly stimulus check worth $500 dubbed an anti-poverty payment, a stimulus check of $850, and a gas card worth $150. Read on to know if you are eligible for any one of them.

With China again in the grip of COVID-19 and the stock markets in a downward spiral, it is the worst of times this year.

The Maine legislature has come up with its version of the stimulus check. It will help residents who continue to grapple with the spiraling costs as a result of the pandemic-driven inflation.

Around 850,000 residents are eligible for the extra stimulus check that will help cover the rising cost of essentials and the high prices of gasoline. The proposal by Gov. Janet Mills was passed by an overwhelming majority of the state legislature.

Stimulus Check News: Chicago Offers A Double Support For Its Low-Income Residents

Low-earning residents of Chicago are being sent a $150 gas card on offer around the city. The $12M plan by Mayor Lori Lightfoot was narrowly approved by the Chicago City Council. It will help finance plans to send prepaid gas cum transit cards as relief from spiraling gasoline prices.

Issued under the Chicago Moves initiative, the administration will issue 100,000 pre-paid transit cards worth $50, and 50,000 prepaid gas cards of $150 each. The proposal by the Mayor was approved by a close 26-23 vote. The plan was modified at the last minute to garner the support of 3 aldermen.

While the earlier form dedicated 75% of the gift cards to red areas, the modified version will extend to the orange areas. The remaining cards will be equally distributed among the wards.

The monthly $500 stimulus check has been announced for select sections of low-income individuals and families. The Chicago Resilient Communities Pilot scheme will go out to 5,000 participants with monthly checks for a year.