A Hopeless Romantic Rishi


He is determined to marry Jen. Despite the circumstances, he is stuck to his decision. He made his family aware of his condition. He doesn’t care if he receives their blessings as a son or not.

TLC’s 90 days fiance is quite the drama reality show. Rishi Singh is determined to marry Jen. Whereas, Jen after several breakups has lost faith in him. She has moved on emotionally yet their connection is attached by a thread. Jen broke up with him, perhaps in the heat of the moment.

Other Cast Aren’t Convinced By Rishi

They broke up during the last season’s finale. Again he and Jen were brought together at the same wedding. They both went there. According to Jen, it was more like fate brought them there, and the spark obviously happened between them.

Later Jen shared how she and Rishi got close after that moment. The woman in love cannot see fault in her man. However, the other cast members have pointed out how he was a coward. He couldn’t stand up against his own mother. His family was against love.

They refused to accept Jen probably because of caste. Gabriel Paboga said Rishi wasn’t man enough to protect his own woman. Chivalry was missing in him. Rishi would choose his family over everything and he has made that pretty clear.

Jen is in denial. She is not sure about what to do. They are engaged and she is not entitled to question him anyway. Rishi is a typical Indian man who is hung up on their broken relationship.

Jen doesn’t consider him as her fiance but Rishi still does. And definitely planning on marrying her. None of them knows what the future holds. There are things that need to shift in order for them to get engaged again.