White House Has Given Agency Ultimatum For 30 Days To Ban Tiktok 

TikTok order

The officials at the White House directed the federal agency to be provided with an ultimatum of 30 days to remove the app TikTok from all of its government-issued appliances.

TikTok Imposes As A Threat For The US With Possibility Of Data Depletion To The Chinese Government

The director to the board of Budget and Management, Shalanda Young, wrote in for guidance used over Monday that all the executive agencies, with along those they are bound in contract with shall delete any applications from TikTok and its parental company, ByteDance as well, within the mandatory 90 days limit. Agencies were also been informed that the contracts must include that any forms of short-form video application refrained from usage on devices, henceforth must cancel contracts with any necessitated usage of the app. 

The announced guidance memorandum from the Joe Biden administration has informed to be bringing forth the executive branch alongside its contractors within the compliance of the bill which will get passed during the end of the previous year. The bill will require all federal agencies to ditch the app TikTok, which will be now owned by a third-party Chinese company called ByteDance. This is marked as the US state’s latest efforts to clamp down on the app amidst its renewed security generated concerns regarding the user’s data being depleted by the sources of the Chinese government.

The approval of the bill ran past swiftly through Congress last December, landing a quite massive amount of year-end omnibus sent-out package. The US official’s latest raised concern includes whether the Chinese government will enforce ByteDance to hand over all collected information for its users that can be later used for disinformation or intelligence proposes imposing as a national threat. As previously reported, experts from independent security agencies have confirmed that such type of accessibility has a large possibility of happening, though any such incidents haven’t been reported as of yet.