Aaron Rodgers Of The Green Bay Packers Has Tightened The Hold As MVP


The NFL saw the race for MVP end in Green Bay, as it was Aaron Rodgers of the Packers who cemented his place after continuously tossing touchdown passes. The Green Bay Packers demolished the Tennessee Titans in a game that probably would help Rodgers edge out Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City to become the MVP. And it goes without saying, Rodgers probably deserves it a bit more now.

Green Bay Packers in Serious Contention for the Lombardi Trophy

The game was over before it began, with the Packers answering every question put before them by the critics. The scoreline of 40-14 did highlight the strength and momentum of this team as the postseason keeps coming in closer. Right now, they seem to have their claws clamped on the NFC playoffs, and they don’t want to let go of that lead. And we don’t really need to say this out loud- Aaron Rodgers has been a driving force for this team. We already knew what he was capable of- and he just keeps displaying it every single game. 

The current standings of the Packers are 12-3, and they have a season finale at Chicago left to end this regular-season. And with the way Aaron Rodgers is playing, the fans can hope and dream of a Lombardi Trophy soon. 

But, we should still ask ourselves- why does Aaron Rodgers deserve to be the MVP? Well, the answer seems to be pretty simple- he has been working around a team that is considerably inferior to the Kansas City Chiefs. Sure, Patrick Mahomes does deserve all the plaudits he receives for a monster season, but it has come riding on the back of the best tight end, the best deep threat, and quite a lot of playmakers that the Chiefs boast of. 

The depth of the team is what helps Mahomes succeed. The Packers have no such team depth. And yet, Aaron Rodgers has made the best out of it.