Interracial And Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passed By Senate: 36 Republicans Opposing Bill Accused Of Homophobia


Almost the entire Democratic caucus in the Senate was backed by twelve Senate Republicans on Tuesday to finally pass the Respect for Marriage Act. This will offer federal protection for interracial and same-sex marriage. One Democrat and two Democrats abstained.

The 61- 36 votes in favor will send the bill back to the lower house where it is very likely to be approved and forwarded finally for the Presidential signature.

The bill would finally codify recognition for interracial and same-sex marriage. A lame-duck Congress came together for a notable but rare moment of bipartisan cooperation before the Democratic Party loses the unified control it had for the past two years at Capitol Hill. While it retains control over the Senate, it is set to lose the House after the midterm reverse.

The Passage Of The Bill In The Senate Will Ensure That The Bill Will Finally Became Law

The victory in the Senate puts the bill on the way to finally becoming law before the Republicans assume control over the House when Congress starts its session in January 2023.

It marks one of the concluding key legislative achievements for the ruling Democrats under Biden. The President said he looked forward to affixing his signature to the bill along with the bipartisan coalition that helped the bill on its way through the Senate.

It is the final legislative achievement for the ruling Democrats before the Republicans shift focus to concentrate on investigating President Biden’s family members and administration.

The passage assures the bill now awaits the approval of the House with the vote expected next week. The President has said that the vote for the bill affirmed the fundamental truth that Americans would finally get the right to freely wed the person of their choice.

The Defense of Marriage Act would stand repealed after the new bill is passed. The earlier bill denied federal support to same-sex couples.