Mitch McConnell Has Added Legislation To Bring In Newer Demands To Stimulus Checks

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, brought out new legislation in the Senate regarding the coronavirus relief package already in the works. These demands had come straight from President Trump as an inclusion to the stimulus payments that were already a part of the relief package. This has led to an increase in the Democratic concern that the pathway for further stimulus payments will soon meet a swift end. 

What is Mitch McConnell Thinking?

The Republican from Kentucky brought out a bill that was supposed to coagulate the increased direct payments with a complete repeal of the online protections called Section 230. He also brought a bill out that would study voter fraud- and the last issue has been something that the Republican party has been furious about. Although, it needs to be said that this ire has been without any substantial proof. 

Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Leader of the Senate mentioned that this plan by Mitch McConnell was simply a cynical gambit that would make sure that the direct payment worth $2000 was not signed into law. But this move has been seen to be extremely crucial as the 116th Congress draws to a close. 

Since two GOP senators are already politically endangered and running the risk of runoff elections have already pledged their support to the $2000 checks, Mitch McConnell sees himself in a place where he has to maintain a balance. Josh Hawley of Missouri has been the major driving force to increase payments and pushing the issue to the front. 

But the group for such demands doesn’t hold a majority in the Senate, even if the Majority Leader is backing them. Most of the Senate Republicans actually have major issues with the House-passed measure which would see an increase in the number of direct payments. It doesn’t matter if Mitch McConnell believes it to be useful.

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