Tom Brady Visits Joe Biden At The White House

tom brady
tom brady

Tom Brady along with his team, the Buccaneers, was invited to visit the White House by the President. This was the first trip after 2017 for the NFL Champions.

The last time Brady visited the White House, George Bush was the President and Brady used to play for the Patriots. Brady had won 4 Super Bowls in between but skipped his visits in 2015 and 2017. The Patriots chose to stop attending after their win in 2019.

How The Visit Went For Tom Brady

Tom Brady was in the center of everything. He was with Joe Biden, Bryan Glazer, and Bruce Arians, and was busy cracking jokes about the elections, his age, and about the President’s plea to get the players vaccinated. Tom Brady also compared the Buccaneer’s victory to the one of Joe Biden. 

Brady joked that almost half of the fans did not believe that the team won. He joked about people calling him “Sleepy Tom” after he lost count of a point.

Joe Biden was gifted with a 46 jersey that signified that the Buccaneers were heading towards their 46th season. Bradley Pinion and Donovan Smith met with Kamala Harris, Vice President, on Tuesday to discuss the rights for voting. 

Jen Psaki was asked if everyone was vaccinated or not, to which she replied that 10 of the NFL teams were properly vaccinated and had reached 85% vaccination for the traveling players. 

Arians shared his wish that the Senate would assist the President to fulfill a goal for the country just like Buccaneers, who won the previous season.

Biden spent some time with Chris Godwin as he was from Pennsylvania and raised in Delaware. Biden compared his likes, to Tom Brady and Arians being the oldest to win everything possible. He believes that there is nothing wrong to aim for heights even though you might be the oldest.