Adam Johnson Was Arrested In Capital Riot With Videos Revealing More Brutality

Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson

One Florida man, named Adam Johnson was accused on the day of the Capitol riot of making off with Nancy Pelosi’s lectern amidst the chaos. He was arrested on Friday night by showing the federal warrant. He was held without bail on Saturday inside Florida’s Pinellas County.

Adam Johnson Tried To Make Off With Nancy Pelosi’s Lectern

Jail records couldn’t show whether the 36 years old man from Parrish, Florida had an attorney. Adam Johnson was charged with disorderly conduct, violent entry, and theft on the grounds of the Capitol on Saturday. The Herald reported that Adam Johnson is married and has five children. He was identified quickly by the residents living nearby in the photo on social site as the person who was walking through the rotunda of Capitol carrying the lectern of Nancy Pelosi. Johnson wrote disparaging comments regarding the movement of back people and he was present in DC when the riots took place on Wednesday.

These posts got taken down or deleted later. During the violence on Wednesday, a police officer of Capitol, Brian Sicknick got badly wounded while confronting the attackers and got struck reportedly by a heavy fire extinguisher. Sicknick passed away on Thursday night. One other officer got crushed and wounded while moving through the doorway, but nobody is sure what is the current status of that officer. The plight of that officer was captured and shared on camera by Status Coup, a progressive organization.

The NY Times and the AP were also brutally attacked. As of Saturday, a total of 17 cases have been filed by the prosecutors in the district court plus another 40 cases were filed in the Superior Court of the Columbia district for several offenses which ranged form assaulting law enforcement officers, entering Capitol’s restricted areas, stealing the property of the federal government and attacking while threatening lawmakers.