2020 Nio Day: ET7 Sedan Presented With Several New Features

Nio Day
Nio Day

On Saturday, the 2020 Nio Day took place in Chengdu. The event saw an expansive splendor, seeing-in several of its nation-wide users in China. On this occasion, which often takes place in December, the firm introduced its first Sedan- Nio Power Swap Station 2.0. The battery pack features 150-kilowatt-hour. 

The CEO, Chairman & founder, William Li, launched the ET7 with the banner “Ready For Tomorrow.” He further described the new car as the company’s evolution in design DNA, hence breaking the conventional approach. Other physical features include frameless windows, doors with soft-closing, and a digital key of Ultra-Wideband.

The vehicle is about 16.8 feet long, 4.9 feet high, and 6.5 feet wide. The wheelbase is 10 feet. 

Interior of ET7 introduced on Nio Day:

Nio Day on January 9th, 2020, also displayed the newer interiors of the vehicle. It was described as having a living room that could be secondary. NOMI, the company’s artificial intelligence, is also plugged into the car. It provides functions for soft-news and navigation. Li also introduced Autonomous Driving by Nio or NAD. It includes a Super Sensing System, a camera of 8 megapixels, and the firm’s computing platform, Adam Nio.

Li mentioned that Adam’s powers were 7X more than that of NASDAQ: TSLA (Tesla). 

Further features include LED headlights with two beams, dual daylight running lights, glass-roof protection against UV Rays. With performance, the car, according to Li, ranges from 500 – 700 km, with even better energy efficiency and lower drag. 

For 70kWh, the price of ET7’s standard edition is 448,000 yuan. With the scheme of “Battery-As-Service,” it costs 378,000 yuan, with an additional subscription of 980 yuan monthly. For 100kWh, standard editions cost 506,000 yuan. BaaS plan includes a subscription of 1480 yuan every month, costing 378,000 yuan.