Dakota Johnson Suffers Panic Attack On ‘Our Friend’ Singing Scene Shoot

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson has recently shared an interesting detail regarding her role in the forthcoming movie, ‘Our Friend’. She has revealed that she had suffered a panic attack during the filming of her first scene while singing.

Dakota Johnson is going to be a feature in the main role in ‘Our Friend’ which is a comedy-drama that is being directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite.

Dakota Johnson Has A Terrifying Experience

Dakota Johnson recently made an appearance in one of the most recent episodes of ‘The Tonight Show’ hosted by Jimmy Fallon. It was during the show that she shared her terrifying experience, with the host, that she has while the filming of ‘Our Friend’.

Dakota had admitted to Jimmy Fallon that she did experience a mild panic attack on the sets of Our Friend. This was mainly due to the reason that she was gearing up to perform her first-ever singing scene for the film. In addition, the actor shares that the entire incident was very scary owing to the ‘stage fright’ experienced by her during the shooting of the sequence.

She further added that she felt quite terrified to sing in front of so many people. She also mentioned that the position of the camera was behind her. As a result, she could not really make out what was actually happening during the sequence.

The scene was filmed at a community theatre. As the scene began and they played the voice of the playback in the background, she ran off the sets. Eventually, when they stopped her, she began to cry and have a nervous breakdown.