Adam Kinzinger Afraid Trump Might Get Away With January 6 Riots

adam kinzinger
adam kinzinger

Outgoing Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger has blamed McCarthy for the Trump factor and the presence of crazy elements in Congress. The Illinois politician expressed the view that Trump should be charged and convicted for instigating and supporting the January 6 riots.

Adam Kinzinger reflected on the work of the January 6 Committee even as a final report was released by the select committee investigating the January 6 violence. Trump has been referred for prosecution. John Eastman, the conservative lawyer who planned and formulated the complete legal framework that formed the basis of the attempted coup, has also been referred to the DOJ.

For the two Republicans who were part of the Select Committee, the road has been difficult, unlike for the seven Democrats on the Committee. They face complications over their political future, and this stands particularly spot-on for Adam Kinzinger.

Adam Kinzinger Admits His Faith In Political Figures Shaken After January 6 Events

Kinzinger has announced his intention of not looking for reelection after the redrawing of his district. During the January 6 investigation, his family moved to Texas after selling their home in Illinois.

The lengthy report by the Select Committee has provided damning proof against the conspirators headed by Trump. But the committee’s reach is limited to the evidence that it has provided to the Justice Dept. it is now for the department to initiate action.

Adam Kinzinger said that the Select Committee report was different from the Mueller report investigating Russian intrusion in the presidential elections in 2016. But he acknowledged that ultimately no charges might be filed by the Justice Dept.

Adam Kinzinger says that he wasn’t aware of the extent of the rot until the events that transpired on January 6, 2021. He said that he had assumed that even politicians had a red line, a point that they would not cross. But he admits that being in politics has shaken his faith in people who turned to politics. The investigation unearthed frightening details, such as the executive order to seize voting machines. He says he is now more realistic about his expectations from politicians.

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