Andrew Cuomo Audio Tape Leaked; Threatens Critic With “Child Rapist” Allegations

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

According to the recent New York Times podcast, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo can be heard threatening a critic with allegations of a child rapist” in a leaked 2018 telephone call.

The newly leaked audio-tape goes on to show how far Governor Cuomo is going to go to keep his critics at bay. The audio-tape resurfaces at a time when Andrew Cuomo is already under scrutiny. He has been facing a series of bullying and sexual harassment allegations for some time now.

The New York Times podcast this Friday brought to light a recorded call between a progressive leader and supporter of Cynthia Nixon and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The call reveals how the Governor threatens his critics as he was dissatisfied with their endorsement of him.

Andrew Cuomo Faces A Flurry Of Allegations

Back in February, the same telephone conversation was posted in the form of a transcript in the New York Times. The entire conversation between Andrew Cuomo and Bill Lipton had been revealed during that time but with no effect. Cuomo’s office had dismissed the transcript saying that the exchange was falsely construed.

However, the New York Times’ “Daily” podcast uploaded the audio-tape of the call this Friday confirming the February claims. In the recording, the governor is heard threatening Lipton to brand him as a “child rapist” or pedophile if he doesn’t contain his criticisms of Cuomo.

According to the audio-tape, Andrew Cuomo is heard saying, “If you ever say well. He’s better than a Republican, again, then I’m gonna say You’re better than a child rapist. How about that?”

A governor’s spokesperson mentioned this Saturday that Andrew Cuomo has no recollection of this exchange. Rich Azzopardi later said that the exchange was clearly being hyperbolic to illustrate the offensive nature of the critic’s practice of name-calling.