Buccaneers Coach Admits He Has No Definite Date On Tom Brady’s Return: Absence Creates Problem For Team

Tom Brady
Tom Brady Announced His Retirement

Despite previously announcing that Tom Brady would be away for 11 days, the Buccaneers have admitted that the absence may be longer than expected. Coach Todd Bowles had earlier reported that the QB would be on a planned 11-day hiatus to address personal issues.

It was then understood that Tom Brady would return after the preseason game against the Tennessee Titans on August 20. But coach Bowles suggested on Thursday that the break may be longer than initially anticipated.

The  Buccaneers’ coach said that they would look into the issue next week. He said that they are more concerned about the game against Tennessee.

Tom Brady was ahead of the league in touchdowns and passing yards last season. In February, he said he was stepping down from football but had changed his decision.

Tom Brady has signed a 10-year contract with the Fox network worth $375 million. It will be effective when he finally retires from the National Football League.

The Buccaneers open their campaign for this season on September 11 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Tom Brady Is Finding It Difficult To Manage Football With His Other Interests, Including Family

The pressures for which Tom Brady is famous are not evident this season, the QB has taken an amount of time that has left fans stunned and disappointed. Despite the revelation that he would not be present against the Titans, even his future return date appears uncertain at the moment.

Tom Brady has been in the NFL longer than any other active league player, and he has earned his time off in the preseason. But despite that, it is quite unusual for him to be away from the pitch for so long and has never happened in his long and illustrious career.

Tom Brady had earlier mentioned how it was becoming more challenging to balance the time he spends with his family with his desire to continue playing football. He said earlier that it was becoming more difficult with age.

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