Adam Kinzinger Provides Supports Subpoenas Relating To January 6th

Adam Kinzinger
Adam Kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger, the Republican Representative mentioned on Sunday that the matter about issuing subpoenas is supported by him. The subpoenas are to be issued to the members of Congress regarding the riot at the Capital on 6th January, and also includes Kevin McCarthy, the Leader of the House Minority.

Adam Kinzinger is among the two Republicans who were picked by the Majority Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi to better investigate the commotion. According to Adam Kinzinger, he would issue subpoenas to everyone, even the leader if he suspects that the leader can help shed some light on the scenario.

According to the representative, anyone can provide information about the President’s whereabouts during the day and how he’d spent that day. Adam Kinzinger also made a play at the logic that no one should be scared of an investigation if they have nothing to hide and are not afraid of anything coming out. He stated whoever is scared has some sort of insecurity about something or the other coming out and making them look guilty.

Adam Kinzinger Reveals His Ideologies

Adam Kinzinger mentioned that if there are no incidents where someone has an objection, there should not be a problem and the investigation should be allowed to move on ahead. He also stated that he might need to talk to Trump regarding the investigation, even though it can be said to be unnecessary and untimely.

It all boils down to the gathering of information. If sufficient relevant information is already gathered, there would not be a need to speak with the previous President of the United States of America. Supposedly, there were several people around Trump and similarly, there were equally several people involved in the events. The other person on the investigating panel, who is a Republican, is Liz Cheney, the Congresswoman.

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