Adam Kinzinger Supports Rifle Ban Rule

Adam Kinzinger
Adam Kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger is one of the prominent faces in American politics. He has a significant contribution to the growth and progress of American politics. He is currently serving as a Senate Representative of Illinois. Adam has recently voiced his opinion about a couple of mass shootings in schools in America. America has witnessed two of the biggest tragedies in recent times.

Recently, gunmen marched into the school with pistols and openly fired on anyone and everyone that came near him. The massacre caused almost thirty deaths and innumerable people were injured. In the wake of such a situation, the federal government has decided to revisit the arms act. The government is looking forward to imposing bans and restrictions on the ownership of rifles and firearms.

The politicians are divided into two parts regarding the ban. Republicans like Dan Crenshaw have opposed the ban. However, Adam Kinzinger has stated that he is totally in support of the ban. In a recent statement, Adam said that he did not want a repetition of more such tragic incidents. He admitted that he was not in favor of the ban earlier, but if the ban helped in curbing the crimes, then he is totally up for it. 

Adam Kinzinger Gives His Consent For Rifle Ban 

Adam Kinzinger said that he does not want any more tragedy to happen. Thus, he will be completely okay if the government imposes a ban on the possession of firearms and rifles. He said that it was not okay for eighteen-year-old children to buy guns as per their wishes. 

Adam Kinzinger, however, stated that an amendment might be taken into consideration. He said that instead of imposing a complete ban, the owners of the gun must undergo special training in order to obtain a license.

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