Manchester United Is In Desperation That Descends In A Farce

Manchester United
Manchester United

Man United can easily become a laughingstock these days, but it only takes one unstable billionaire’s tweet to reveal the club’s problems.

Nearly too perfect. Elon Musk is the ideal person to add to the summer-long social media spectacle that has evolved into Manchester United.

The Tesla CEO and billionaire added a resounding voice to the clamour encircling Old Trafford more each day with a simple unserious message that he inserted into his own unconnected tweet about political parties.

Musk wrote on Twitter a few days ago when he said he would buy Manchester United. However, he later replied to a retweet, saying it was a joke and he was not planning to buy any sports team.

But for a team that is 0-2-0 in the Premier League, with a goal differential of -5, and has a match against Liverpool scheduled for next Monday, the club’s last 3 months and its sharp decline in standing are the primary sources of ongoing humour.

Manchester United Is In Desperation: 

Real-time events demonstrate the club’s lack of preparation and strategy. In late April, Erik ten Hag was introduced as the new manager. Paul Pogba’s departure was evident at that moment, and it was also clear what style of football ten Hag would attempt to play. Even picking the ideal goalie for the job—something as straightforward as that—was problematic. Although the system favours a goalkeeper skilled with the ball at his feet, the club let Dean Henderson, who is better with it, leave on loan to Nottingham Forest. In contrast, David de Gea, who is unquestionably a faithful steward of the club but who is not as stable with it, stayed.

Ten years later, there is still no reliable midfield engine to offer the protection and safety net that is so desperately required.