Amouranth Talks About Being In Danger At Home


Kaitlyn Siragusa aka Amouranth is a social media personality, who has been a twitch streamer for years now. She recently disclosed her relationship with her husband and the abuse she faces daily. Amouranth has 5.9 million followers online and this is how she earns.

Amouranth Exposed Her Husband On Live Stream

Amouranth revealed her actual life on stream last Saturday and disclosed how her husband has been towards her. She earns nearly $1.5 million per month. She revealed the toxicity her husband radiates and what not he has done with her. Her husband has threatened to kill the dogs and has been emotionally abusive toward her. Not only that she has no freedom over her finances and her husband took full control of her bank account.

Amouranth was on the call with her husband while streaming live, later the video was removed from the site but some of the clips are still circulating. Of course, it went viral, and his husband completely denied any allegations brought against him by Amouranth. Her husband even forced her to do 24 hours streaming cause that’s a ‘good financial opportunity” . He called her “dumb f**K” on various occasions, and she has evidence of a text message where he said that she showed it on live, with other obscenities hurling towards her.

She further mentioned that she is essentially living in a ‘fancy prison’, her husband has seen a psychologist who also mentioned of this type of behavior is emotional abuse. He can be heard saying ‘ leave the house or something like dropping her stuff at a hotel, and previously threatened her to delete her social media or her income path.

Amouranth also disclosed that her husband has specifically asked her not to disclose her relationship status or that she is married which might affect her career, rather they should ‘stream’ their relationship, which is going to be true pretty soon now. Other streamers have come forward to help her and showered her support on Twitter, people believe it was a cry for help from Amouranth side.

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