Adele Was Completely Devastated After Announcing Her Divorce


Adele is currently being praised for handling the emotional turmoil that comes normally after going through a divorce. She released a new single “Easy On Me” which dealt with such things. The singer has now opened up about the reality of what she went through after separating from her ex-husband and sharing the news with the world. 

Adele told Rolling Stone that she was really sad and she felt that she had so many people around her who knew that she could not make the relationship work. She was embarrassed and devastated. No one made her feel so but she felt like she did not do a great job.

Adele’s Divorce Took A Great Toll On Her Mental Health

Although Adele’s years-long relationship with Simon Konecki and their son Angelo had been kept relatively private, fans assumed they could expect some new music from her as a result of the separation. The excitement for that was a difficult reaction for her to grasp.

She kept on thinking about questions like “Why don’t they like me?” or “Why would they write that if they’ve followed me for 10 years?”

She explained later that it was not their responsibility and the thing they wanted from her was a good record. She took everything with a pinch of salt, which worked out perfectly for her.

The pressure from the public did not make the process easier as Adele was struggling with loads of realizations that came after the breakup. She felt that she did not really know herself and did not know it was because of her Saturn return or if it was because she was heading into her thirties.

Adele chose to stay out of the spotlight and eventually, turned to new techniques to gain control of mental health.

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