Chicago Cubs Achieves 4th Consecutive Win By Beating Pirates 3-2

Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs

Zach Davies has contributed almost 7 shutout innings. In addition, the Chicago Cubs have successfully managed to defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates continuing their good form with a score of 3-2 on 7th May, Friday afternoon game.

Chicago Cubs had scored a run in all of the first 3 innings. Moreover, Davies had kept the Pittsburgh without any score at all. This further allowed a mere 5 hits as well as 1 walk with just 1 strikeout.

Winning Game Of Chicago Cubs

Joc Pederson also got 3 hits along with an RBI while the Chicago Cubs were already leading with a 3 game sweep during World Series Champion. Both, David Bote and Javier Baez had 2 hits each while Chicago Cubs had gotten back with 0.500 exactly at 16-16.

Furthermore, Davies with 2-2 has managed to attain it from San Diego during the deal of 7 players during the month of December, Davies has the best outing on behalf of the Cubs at the Wrigley Field where it a chilly day and the wind was blowing in.

Davies is a slim right-hander who had stopped the Pirates to a mere 5 singles during the walking 1 and hitting the batter. He lowered the ERA to 6.30 from an 8.22 ERA. He has consistently got hitters and made the Pirates off balance with quick outs, weak wings, and limited pitch count.

Jacob Stallings and Colin Morin also had 2 hits each. Also, Pittsburgh had rallied to get 2 runs from Ryan Tepera and Andrew Chaffin. They also loaded their bases with 2 outs.

Pederson had gone home with a run that is unearned in the 1st after Phillip Evans had dropped the fly of Anthony Rizzo just close to the sidewall of close-in right-field.