Afghan War Regarded To A Strategic Failure By A Military Officer

Afghan War
Afghan War

A statement was given on the subject of the Afghan war by one of the military officers of the United States of America belonging to a top rank. It was stated that the said war that went on for a total of 20 years, ended extremely badly. He went on to call it a “strategic failure.” He also stated that he had expressed his views of the US Congress to withdraw from Afghanistan so soon. 

Afghan War Disagreements

The military officer stated that wanted the US military to stay back in the Afghan war in order to prevent the Taliban from taking over the entire country. According to him, staying back would have prevented them and retained the power of the Kabul government in the country that was supported by the Americans.

The members of the Republican Party belonging to the Armed Services committee of the US pointed out the statement that was recorded from Mark Milley, the General. Milley is also the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s chairman. The Republicans pointed out the fact that Joe Biden, the President had lied to the people with regard to the subject of the Afghan war previously in an interview. 

In one of the television interviews that was held in the month of August, the President belonging to the Democratic Party had stated that the military never requested him to stay back in order to fight the Afghan war. However, General Milley did not give away the advice that he had given to the President back when the President was caught in a dilemma. Joe Biden was caught in a situation where he couldn’t decide if he should continue fighting the Afghan war to follow the agreement that was signed between Donald Trump and the Taliban.