Japan’s New Prime Minister Will Be Fumiko Kishida


The new Prime Minister of Japan is soon to be appointed and it is Fumio Kishida. He was the foreign minister of the country. He is well known throughout the country as someone who believes in unanimous growth. He won the presidential election of the Liberal Democratic Party. It is to be noted that the said party is the ruling party of Japan. Fumio Kishida beat Taro Kunzo who is the vaccination minister of the country.

Japan’ Elections

The total votes won by the next Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, is 257. And on the other hand, the same earned by his competitor is 170. In both, the houses of the Japanese parliament, the coalition of the LDP has a majority. What this means is the fact that Kishida is undoubtedly becoming the next Prime Minister of the “land of the rising sun.” The first round of the presidential voting took place on Wednesday. In that voting, there were two female candidates who lost the votes. They are Sanae Takaichi, the former minister of communications, and the acting secretary-general of LDP, Seiko Noda.

Following that, the presidential election was only between two people. It was Kishida and Kono. The 64-year-old winner of the Presidential election will have to adjust to his role as the Prime Minister of Japan as soon as possible. This is because the seat of the prime minister is vacant as of now.

It is because, after Yoshihide Suga, the former Prime Minister stated that he would not participate in the election race of the Party. Kishida will now have to go through a general election. It will probably be held in the month of November. After taking his seat, he will have to pull out of the country that is currently going through a crisis from the coronavirus pandemic as well as the economic crisis.