Afroman, Who Has Been Sued By The Home Raiding Police, Prepares To Counter-Sue


The lawsuit filed against Afroman, accuses him of acting maliciously for having exploited surveillance clippings of cops who searched his house in August on the basis of probable cause which they have not been able to substantiate. Afroman has been speaking up in the midst of his continuing legal battle with Cincinnati police.

According to court documents, seven members of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office have issued a complaint against the celebrated rapper of his celebrated song, ‘Because I Got High’, for unwarranted surveillance and unpermitted use of personal data after reportedly using tapes of the same officers searching his house last August in several music videos.

According to Anna Castellini, a solicitor for Afroman, they in turn are preparing to counter-charge the police for their illegitimate raid, along with stealing money and the horrible impact of all this on her client and his life. As per the lawsuit, his house had been searched by the authorities on the grounds of kidnapping and trafficking drugs with a valid search permit on the day of August 22, in his absence. 

Afroman Uses Raid Clippings On His Music Videos!

After that, Afroman utilized multiple video clippings of the same recorded via the security cameras at his home as well as a few retrieved from his wife’s mobile for various social media postings listed in the lawsuit, along with two of his recent videos, namely, “Will You Help Me Repair My Door” and “Lemon Pound Cake”. 

Both parties have accused each other of harassment causing mental distress. Afroman even posted via Instagram that his motive behind including the raid clips was to spread awareness of police brutality in his audience through his art.