Lady Gaga Has Been Sued For Not Rewarding $500000 To The Dog Thief

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

One person out of the five arrested people has sued Lady Gaga in connection to her two dogs being stolen followed by the dog walker being shot. Lady Gaga has been encountering a lawsuit after the theft of two of her dogs which was followed by a critically wounded dog walker, took place in February 2021.

PEOPLE has received documents from the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Gaga who is the 13th-time Grammy Award winner has been sued by Jennifer McBride who found her dogs and returned them safely to the 36-year-old celebrity. The woman has claimed that Lady Gaga had announced a reward of $500000 to anyone who would return her dogs named Gustav and Koji which till now the celebrity has not rewarded her with.

Lady Gaga To Be Considered As A Fraud

Attorney of McBride on Friday’s filing argued that Lady Gaga has offered a reward after a statement of no questions would be asked and now failed to pay the amount which falls her prey to a violation of the contract, also as fraud by misrepresentation and the false promise. Taking the lawsuit under consideration, McBride is under the belief that Gaga intended to induce and defraud public members like Plaintiff to believe and work on the made promise by finding and delivering the bulldogs of Lady Gaga to Defendants. The request for some comments by PEOPLE to an attorney of Lady Gaga was not immediately responded to. 

Out of the arrested five people related to the crime which took place in April 2021, McBride is one of them and had been in a relationship at that time with Harold White, her fellow accomplice, who is Jaylin White’s father.