Democrats Facing Elections Sound Alarm Over Record Inflation Crisis


Democrats up for election in November are facing hard truths about the inflation crisis as the midterms draw closer. The price of essential items has reached its uppermost point in over 4 decades. Gasoline has been the hardest hit with prices close to double in 2 years.

The inflation crisis is hitting the democrats the hardest as their party remains in power in Washington and taking the majority of the blame.

Senator Kelly is fighting the toughest fight of his career as the prices of goods jumped a concerning 12.3% between June 2021 and June 2022. The Labor Dept. revealed that it was more than 3 points greater than the nationwide average of 9.1%.

Senator Raphael Warnock is similarly facing an uphill task in Atlanta Metro. Costs have risen 11.5% in the same one-year period.

Control over the Senate could change hands, especially in the key swing seats that will determine who ultimately controls the Senate. It has brought to the forefront the acute political problems faced by President Biden and the party.

Inflation Crisis Could Cause The Democrats To Lose Control Over The Senate

It indicates why Democrats facing reelection are being particularly outspoken about the inflation crisis. Incumbent Senators who are desperate to cling on to their seats in the Senate.

Their support will be crucial if the Democrats wish to retain these crucial seats. Democrat Senators implored the Federal administration and the Democratic leadership to combat prices more aggressively. They say that it was the only way that they can retain their seats is by combating the inflation crisis.

Senator Kelly has said that President Biden would have to force prices to go down if he was serious about retaining control over the Senate. He said more needs to be done to combat the inflation crisis. 9% was a big number and families were hard put to buy many items, and it was the right time to make some tough decisions about the economic situation.