Insecure Draws Praises From Critics


Insecure has gathered a lot of praise from fans and critics. The HBO series centers around Issa & Molly. They seem to be the best of friends. However, their social backgrounds and financial stature propel them to face identical problems. Both the characters look to stick with one another. They believe in finding the end to a problem by facing them together. 

The series was very much hyped ever since it was announced. A lot of expectations were heaped upon the shoulders of the series. However, judging from the initial episodes of the new season, the show seems to be a hit. Let us take a deeper dive into the whereabouts of “Insecure”. 

Insecure Seem To Secure A Win 

Insecure revolves around the central characters of Issa & Molly. As the last season of the series is being aired on HBO, the creator feels nostalgic. Issa Rae structured the fantastic series that kept the audiences glued to their screens. She reminisced about how she expected her new endeavor to be revolutionary. Issa focused her story on the black female population. She portrayed the different obstacles encountered by them every day. 

Rae stated in an interview that it is saddening that the portrayal of Black women’s life is termed revolutionary. She complained that none of the shows focussed on the black lifestyle ever. Issa Rae has indeed revolutionized the viewing experience of the fans. 

The fifth season of Insecure comes with a lot of promise. The entertaining storyline, insightful and ambitious tone of the episodes makes it worth watching. Several characters have been made to evolve along the entirety of the five seasons. The USP of the film is that it has managed to keep things simple. 

The show kept day-to-day struggles as the base right from season 1 till now. Insecure has been highly rated by critics. It remains to be seen how well the rest of the season pan out.