Alex Jones Dishonesty Exposed In Cross-Examination

alex jones

Right-wing conspiracy enthusiast Alex Jones’ unfairness was on display in a Texas courtroom on Wednesday as attorneys for the Sandy Hook parents cross-examined him and questioned his responses in real-time.

The amount that Alex Jones pays his mom and dad Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, who gave him a basic judgment earlier this year, will be decided by the jury hearing the case. Heslin and Lewis’ legal representatives asked the jury to award them $150 million in damages.

Alex Jones Was The Only Witness 

On Wednesday, Mark Bankston, the plaintiff’s attorney, cross-examined Alex Jones, the only attorney present at the trial, and Jones did not fare well. Jones once claimed that he never contacted her regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, but Bankston later revealed to Jones and the jury that he’d recently obtained evidence to the contrary.

Bankston claimed that Jones’ lawyer sent him all of the texts Jones wrote during the collision along with two years’ worth of mobile data. Jones argued that the Sandy Hook massacre which resulted in the deaths of 26 people, was untrue.

Jones, who was in the process of being tried, claimed to have been shot. Jones claimed in a statement from 2019 that he at the time believed it was manufactured due to “some form of mental disorder.”

Jones asserted that he was “100% sure” the Sandy Hook massacre took place on Wednesday in court.

Judge Maya Gera, who is presiding over the trial, questioned Jones on Wednesday during cross-examination on whether he would draw a connection between gambling and pedophilia, and human trafficking. When Jones resisted, Bankston played a clip from Infowars Video for the jury.

Gamble, who previously declined Infowars’ request for additional information regarding the assault against him, chuckled in court on Wednesday as he saw a clip of the video.

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