Eric Greitens Goes Down In Flames

Eric Greitens
Eric Greitens

After finishing third in the Missouri primary, Eric Grattens sought to scuttle his contentious Senate candidacy. Republican funders funded this effort.

According to Politico, Republican strategist Johnny DeStefano and major donor Rex Sinquefield worked together to start a super PAC to oppose Greitens. He was later found guilty of sexual assault after Republican leadership advised Donald Trump not to support the former governor.

Former Missouri Governor Peter Kinder, speaking through his ex-wife, asserted that “there is no doubt that Greyton’s candidacy threatens the Republican majority of this Senate seat.” Republicans will not have to worry about anything if they nominate him. I required the means to reveal the previously untold truth about him.

Trump Was Urged To Not Endorse Eric Greitens

To strangle Republican Sen. Roy Blount’s candidacy, the super PAC has been broadcasting an emotional commercial supporting Eric Greitens since late June. several sources, party leaders, and funders. Whilst Senate Republican National Committee Chairman Rick Scott has advocated for Republican Big Donor Steve Wynn, Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel has lately urged President Trump not to back Eric Greitens. actively look for his blessing.

Former White House aides Lindsay Graham (R.C.) and Kellyanne Conway raised worry over Graton’s expulsion from the governor’s home for raping the woman while she was blindfolded and her hair was tied, and Trump at first supported it. On Trump’s campaign trail, Eric Greitens had prominent backers including megadonor Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle and Bernie Marcus. Greitens also frequently appeared on the War Room podcast, which is hosted by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. On the eve of the primary, Trump attempted a compromise by stating his support for “Eric,” thereby endorsing both Eric Graytons and Eric Schmidt.

The anti-gray super PAC, on the other hand, rose to prominence as the campaign’s top spender in late July, coinciding with a steep decline in its poll standings that saw it fall to third place after Schmitt and Vicki Hartzler.