Alexandra Grant Comments On Her Bond With Keanu Reeves

Alexandra Grant

In a rare comment on her relationship with Keanu Grant, Alexandra Grant has discussed falling in love ‘as an adult.’  The artist was present at the LA Beverly Arts Icon Awards, but without Reeves accompanying her. The Speed star was away performing with Dogstar, his band. The 50-year-old artist said she was not phased if she was on the red carpets on her own. She said that it did not affect how she viewed her relationship.

Alexandra Grant said one advantage of being in love later in life was that she had already built her career even as her relationship began. She felt confident being alone in the limelight. It was being independent in a better way. Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant have an intensely private life. Their romance first came out when they were seen hand-in-hand at the Los Angeles CMA Art and Film Gala in 2019. The couple have since been seen in Berlin, NYC, and together at a Broadway show.

Alexandra Grant Says That Her Work Reflects How She Feels At The Moment

The couple were recently pictured while at the MOCA Gala in June last year. Alexandra Grant speaks of the creative support she received from Reeves. She says they continue to push each other towards new goals. Alexandra Grant says that they are both storytellers but using dissimilar mediums. She is a more private performer, as she interprets a text and turns it into an object, a painting at her studio.

For Reeves, it is about taking a text and turning it into a public performance. The common strand between them is that they are at heart researchers and readers. They are both for characters and people she said. Alexandra Grant agrees that her creations seem happier after her relationship with Reeves. She says as human beings our expressions come from how we feel at the moment. And that makes her work happier.