All American Drama Previews Coronavirus-Free Season Three, Including Black Lives Matter

all american
all american

Showrunner Nkechi Carroll talked about the journey of the All American show, what has happened to date, and what is coming next. When the show All American will be returning tonight, fans will be primarily excited to see the play calls of Coach Baker. The drama of CW, released in 2018, gets its main inspiration from Spencer Paysinger, NFL real-life linebacker.

The drama got a bump in viewership during quarantine with people discovering the 1st and 2nd seasons on Netflix. The drama will resume telling the story of Spencer in its upcoming 3rd season. Daniel Ezra played the role of Spencer and season 2 ended with Taye Diggs who played the role of Coach Baker getting convinced to return to South Crenshaw. EW also spoke with All American showrunner Okoro Carroll regarding the journey of the show so far and the story that will come next.

Q & A With All American Showrunner Nkechi Carroll

When asked about the bump in viewership of the All American show on Netflix, Nkechi Carroll replied how incredibly grateful he is because of the fans. He added that TV is like his panacea in these hard times of the pandemic. He is grateful that this show kept all the people glued to entertainment because the showrunner has been re-watching Dawson’s Creek and Buffy for most of the time. When asked whether the show will address the pandemic among other things, he replied that the show was going to be in an environment of pre-Covid times.

As the show is primarily based on Paysinger’s life, throwing a Covid pandemic into the show will change the course of Paysinger’s future. When asked about the incorporation of the movement of Black Lives Matter, the showrunner replied that the 3rd season will be about incorporating portrayals of African-American youths, racial identity, and racial inequality. It will remain as the fabric of their show.

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