Zion Williamson Explodes On Kings With The Pelican Offense Getting On Track

zion williamson
zion williamson

In Sunday’s victory of the Pelicans over the Kings by 128-123, Zion Williamson looked absolutely explosive. Zion Williamson, the trampoline is back. Williamson did a total of 3 dunks on Sunday. The one dunk where Williamson created additional space against Metu with his jab step along with a mean thing to his rim remained as one of the most effective dunks of Williamson in his Pelicans uniform.

Coach Van Gundy Is Impressed With Zion Williamson

The forward playing for the 2nd year had a total of 31 points. He alone made 13 out of the 15v points. Among his team history, it was probably the most efficient game of 30 points. Stan Gundy, Pelicans coach said that tonight only a few of the action was inside the post. There weren’t many occasions of post-ups. It seemed that he was going on his drive fully. The coach thinks that Williamson played really well. Williamson also made around two good passes in the game. At the beginning of the season, it seemed like Williamon was really struggling for scoring.

In most minutes of the game, multiple defenders were draping on Williamson’s top. Zion Williamson got open lanes for basketing the ball rarely. On Sunday’s game, the guard of Pelicans also created abundant room for Zion Williamson, the team’s star forward by being a treat for scoring the ball. Kira Lewis, a rookie player had a total of 5 assists within 15 minutes.

Van Gundy dialed up this action in the 2nd quarter featuring Pelicans’ quickest player, Lewis, Pelicans’ best shooter, JJ Redick, and New Orleans’ best explosive player, Zion Williamson. Lewis got inside the paint while drawing Richaun Holmes towards him. It was exactly what Williamson required for detonating. Williamson said that multiple guys were attacking fiercely at the rim, with multiple kicks and drives. According to him, that started to get the offense out of the bag and flowing.