Black Lives Matter protests turn violent: One shot dead during march in Austin as youth detention center and police precinct are torched in Seattle and demonstrators gather again in Portland amid standoff with feds

In the latest news of police brutality, one BLM protestor has been shot dead in Austin, a youth detention center has been torched in Seattle, and a large group of protestors has had Tear gas shells thrown on them in Portland as the protests rage on.

Several images have been doing the rounds on social media of a peaceful demonstration, when shots rang out in Austin, Texas. The protestors were rallying against police brutality when the police opened fire. This is one in the list of several protests taking place throughout the American cities. Especially in Portland, the public and the federal troops have been in constant tussle ever since Trump sent them in.

The POTUS has also sent troops to Chicago and Seattle. The latter saw a youth detention center and police precinct burnt, which led to cops declaring the protests as riots. Places that haven’t had feds brought down upon them like New York or Los Angeles too saw police vehicles upturned, and the police being informed to stay on high alert in case things went south.

On the other hand, the Texas police based in Austin confirmed that a male has been shot while demonstrating for BLM.

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