All You Need To Know About Child Tax Credits For 2023 Season

child tax credit

American citizens amounting in millions have recently experienced expansion on their family’s child tax credits issued in 2021 that served mainly for the purpose to stimulate the pandemic’s rising economic inflation, but this might take a halt from this year onwards with smaller tax breaks for dependants of the households.

Things You Need To Prepare For 2023 Child Tax Credits 

In the year 2021, the federal announced that eligible families who can fulfill all the requirements would be provided with up to $3,600 for children six and under. In contrast, families with children over the age limit of 6 to 17 years would receive $3,000. These enhancements have ceased since then, while the program reverted back to its original take from 2023, which was $2,000 per individual for every child under 17 which is a strikingly less drop.

Tax advisory expert, Lisa Niser said in her statement that this is the biggest change that has taken place in-between 2021-2022, with the expiration of so many one-year special provisions most affected families are facing under crisis. In regard to child tax credits, there will be no advancement of payments, and previous numbers have decreased back to their original form. Such a large cutoff has led to an increasing concern for most.

Here’s what this tax-filing year is bringing out for its recipients in effects to child tax credit sessions- Hopefully, child tax credits aren’t getting away anytime soon but they did return back to the original state. Though there are a few requirements that taxpayers need to keep in mind in order for their children to let the IRS re-claim their tax credits:

  • Income thresholds must be $400,000 for joint accounts and $200,000 for any other filers such as individual taxpayers or heads of the household. 
  • Applicants must be a citizen of the United States or at least residential alien along with valid personal documents and Social Security Number.