Howie Mandel Was Rushed To The ER After Blacking Out

Howie Mandel
Howie Mandel

According to a report by TMZ, Howie Mandel was sent to the hospital after he passed out at an L.A. Starbucks on Wednesday. The judge of America’s Got Talent, 65, was at this coffee chain branch located in the neighborhood of Woodland Hills in Los Angele with a couple of his friends and his wife when he fainted and fell over.

As per media reports, paramedics were immediately brought forth at the scene and the celebrity was taken to a hospital. Currently, he is undergoing tests for low blood sugar which could have caused the dizziness. 

Howie Mandel Blacks Out- Paramedics Concerned About Blood Sugar

A photo from the outlet highlights Howi Mandel sitting up after passing out, while he was surrounded by a group of firefighters from the city. Sources close to Mandel refused to respond to requests for comment by PEOPLE. Just a few days back, the comedian had posted from his hospital bed on social media where he put up a video of him undergoing colonoscopy as well as endoscopy.

He had captioned the post on Instagram with ‘Recovery audition’. The video had him showing his outfit while interacting with another patient who had recognized him and tried auditioning for his show after he got up. 

Back in June, Howie Mandel had spoken about his struggles with OCD and anxiety in an interview with PEOPLE where he started using comedy to push through the toughest moments in his life. He stated that his way of going through life was finding the funny. For, if he wasn’t laughing, he was crying. The voices in his head were as dark as it gets, and when he wasn’t on stage, he was having quite a hard time simply existing. 

Howie Mandel then opened up about his struggles with depression and mentioned that his life’s mission was to remove the stigma that was associated with it. He knew what his reality was, and he wanted others to take it as it were instead of trying to find reasons to vilify mental depression.

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