Stimulus Check Has Different Purpose

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Many raised the question of whether stimulus check is another form of disaster distribution or not. The answer is no. Both would provide financial assistance. They are definitely not the same thing. Stimulus Check is provided to help people in need and suffering from unemployment during the pandemic. The government was trying to decrease the economic burden of the citizens. This is also known as the economic impact payments. Its eligibility criteria were based on taxpayers’ tax filing.

Stimulus Check Is Not Made For All Purposes

Disaster distribution is made for residents who have businesses and individuals. Which is totally different from all other types of payments. This would only help a person or a citizen, who is heavily affected by the natural disaster. If they have lost their homes during hurricanes. If a hurricane has affected their business majorly. Flood have washed their homes and businesses. Only then they can apply for disaster distribution. Whereas, Stimulus checks provided immense help to citizens in 2020 and 2021.

Not everyone is eligible for both types of payments. Both of the payments provide different kinds of services. Residents who have failed to claim disaster distribution can opt for a stimulus check. They are totally in denial. Applying for both checks would be stupidity. If anyone thinks it would bring them more money, theoretically they are misunderstood.

Residents must differentiate properly between relief checks and disaster distribution otherwise they would miss out on major upcoming financial chances. Disaster Distribution takes action immediately. Survivors are provided with immediate coverage for their homes and business. Even they get immediate temporary6 housing if they lose their home. Whereas, Stimulus check is time-consuming. They take time to process and roll out checks.

Stimulus check is primarily distributed by the IRS and the Federal government. While the disaster distribution is only issued by federal emergency management agencies.