Allen Robinson Is Franchise-Tagged By The Bears

Allen Robinson
Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson has been tagged as the face of the franchise, as per the announcement made last Tuesday by the Chicago Bears. The player has been excellent in the position of wide receiver. He is considered one of the most veteran players in the league currently.

Last season ended without Allen Robinson managing to come to a conclusion with the Bears on any deal for the long term. Chicago found themselves on the verge of losing Robinson as a free agent, no less. However, the franchise tag allows them to tie the player down to the team. Robinson has been the receiver with the best performance for the club for three consecutive years.

Allen Robinson’s Situation In Chicago

Allen Robinson was reportedly unsatisfied with the conditions at Chicago Bears. His agent, Brandon Parker, brought up the fact in his negotiations for a contract that took place in September. However, the Bears had remained reluctant to pay him his demands because of his position. Moreover, neither the player nor his agent had filed a trade request before the trade deadline of last season.

Robinson has the most number of receives over the last two seasons. He is also one of only four players to have made 200 receptions at least. Robinson has achieved this even without the quality quarterbacks that the other three have.

Ryan Pace, Bears General Manager, said that the team has usually always managed to make players stay on. However, each of the players is a different case. It is a process that progresses with the help of both sides. On the Bears’ side, Pace is of the opinion that Joey Laine, the director of football administration, does an excellent job of promoting the club’s historical value. He also praised Allen’s agent and was hopeful of a positive result.

Allen Robinson had caught the highest number of passes in his career last year, 102. The 27-year-old’s feat was a massive factor in Chicago’s managing to make the playoffs.

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