Matt Gaetz’s Ex-Girlfriend Has Provided Testimonial

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz

One of the ex-girlfriends of Matt Gaetz, the Representative to the Senate from Florida, has been seen as a key witness in the sex trafficking investigation against him. The ex-girlfriend in question recently testified against the Republican testified on Wednesday before a grand jury that had been investigating this congressman. This interesting new development has been seen as the latest signal in the long-running investigation of the disgraced Congressman. A source close to the case had previously informed CNN that the ex-girlfriend would be appearing before the jury- and the news proved to be true. 

Matt Gaetz’s Ex-girlfriend Could Be The Missing Piece In The Puzzle

CNN spotted Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend when she arrived at the federal courthouse situated in Orlando, Florida, with her attorney last Wednesday. She has, since then, finished her testimonial in the case against the Republican, and left the courthouse. Her attorney, Timothy Jansen, briefly shared his views about the case with the reporters that had gathered outside the courthouse, announcing that all he could say at this moment he would be confirming his presence at the Orlando courthouse- but could not comment any more than that. 

This woman has been connected to Matt Gaetz as far back as 2017, which is why she has been an important witness in the proceedings. Most investigators have been quite interesting regarding that period of time because that is when the congressman was accused of having sexual intimacy with another woman, who was a minor at that point. 

The ex-girlfriend could also prove to be quite integral for the authorities that have been investigating the potential obstruction of justice as the probe on the conduct of Matt Gaetz heats up. CNN went on to report that most investigators have already been made aware of a discussion that the defendant had with an associate about talking to this woman all the way back in October 2020.