Scott Drummond, Declared Dead For 20 Minutes Reveals Life-Altering Afterlife Story

Scott Drummond

Do you think that there is life after death? This narrative may persuade you to reconsider. When skiing, Scott Drummond, then 28 years old, dislocated his thumb and required emergency surgery to stabilize the damage.

But just after Scott Drummond was placed on the operating table, catastrophe would occur. The guy, who was now in his late sixties, said that one of the operating room nurses had never used a surgical tourniquet before and that the doctor had informed her that he would explain the procedure to her. 

Scott Drummond’s Incident Makes Him Have Faith In God And Feel His Presence 

Unfortunately, the tourniquet valves were mistakenly opened during the standard procedure, and Scott Drummond briefly lost his life as a result of the consequences.

Scott Drummond remembered the nurse yelling, “I killed him!” as she fled the room during the event. The feeling in his arm that went all the way to his heart was the next thing he recalled, and then he found himself floating above his body and staring down at the operating table. Drummond stated, “I watched every stitch that was put into my thumb,” in an interview with Prioritize Your Life. In addition, he reported seeing God’s presence nearby, which he now believes to be true. In the interview, he stated, “I was told it’s time to go.” Drummond observed that the conversation with the unknown individual next to him took place entirely mentally rather than through spoken words.