Allison Mack Going To Be Sentenced Over NXIVM Case

allison mack
allison mack

Allison Mack, the TV actor known for her role in “Smallville” was proven to play a significant role in an upstate, cult-like, scandal-ridden group in New York. The actress’s sentence is going to be announced today after she pleaded guilty to charges of manipulating women into being sex slaves.

Allison Mack Admitted To The Charges

Allison Mack claimed that she carried out her activities following the order of the spiritual leader of the group. She played the role of a young close friend of Superman in the TV series. Today, she will be presented in the federal court of Brooklyn.

It is expected that the actress will ask for credit because of her information against Keith Raniere, the leader of the cult called NXIVM. Moreover, she will ask for credit for owning up her responsibility in creating a secret group of women brainwashed and branded with the initials of the leader.

Last week, she claimed in a court-filed letter that her devotion towards the guru was her life’s greatest regret and biggest mistake. She apologized to the people who she indoctrinated into NXIVM. She also apologized for exposing them to the twisted man’s nefarious schemes of emotional abuse.

Advisory guidelines for sentencing indicate that Allison Mack can be in prison for at least 14 years. However, the team defending her has a home confinement sentence or probation is more fitting. Prosecutors are also in agreement that prison terms if sentenced should be less than the range in the guidelines because of Allison Mack’s cooperation.

38-year-old Mack was an inner member of Raniere’s circle once. The group attracted actors and millionaires. Prosecutors explained that Mack was a “master” to “slaves” whom she ordered into doing sexual acts. After authorities targeted him, he ran away to Mexico along with Mack and some others. In 2018 March, he was arrested and brought back to the US. Mack faced a similar fate.