Prince Andrew Is Worried About Mounting Legal Costs

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew is afraid that he could be completely bankrupt after he was stripped of his military titles and other royal patronages amid his legal battles. His ties with Jeffrey Epstein and his personal case against Virginia Roberts Giuffre are surely raising up the court fees. The Duke of York, according to reports, is up against the mounting legal costs as he has been fighting a sex-assault lawsuit from Giuffre that he worries could leave him completely broke.

A source close to the Prince mentioned that until very recently the consequences and the enormity of the case hadn’t hit the Prince. Now, with the bills mounting up tenaciously, or even worse- a judgment against him, he is afraid of complete financial ruin.

Prince Andrew Could Be Facing Financial Ruin

There is a real chance that the entire lawsuit debacle could leave Prince Andrew completely penniless. Andrew- who has himself denied all of the allegations- has legal and P.R. fees that could touch $3 million- as stated by multiple reports. In addition, he might have to pay up to around $13.6 million to settle the case that has been brought up by Giuffre. Giuffre has asserted in the federal lawsuit at Manhattan that she was forced to have sex with the prince around thrice- when she was just 17. 

Senior royals feel that Prince Andrew has hit the wall in his fight against the case, according to sources. Along with his legal troubles, Andrew is also on the hook for a debt of $8.6 million that involves a French socialite, Isabelle de Rouvre, who sold a Swiss chalet to the Prince and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, in 2014. Andrew recently sold the chalet for around $23 million. 

Another source recently mentioned that Prince Andrew always believed that this would all go away with time- but it hasn’t, and now he is facing quite an extraordinary uphill battle to salvage an iota of his reputation. 

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