Amanda Bynes Suspected Of Abusing Drugs Under Prescription

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has currently been hospitalized due to suffrage from a psychotic break which was then followed by the heavyweight loss that has come from abuse of prescribed drugs is suspected.

Sources who are close to this situation tell that Amanda Bynes has undergone dramatic and startling weight loss which has occurred within a few months and those around her are under the belief that the actress has been consuming the prescribed medication drugs. It is said that it is unfortunate that the actress currently weighs 100 pounds or even less. 

Amanda Bynes Reported To 9-1-1

As it has been reported that Amanda Bynes has been kept on a psychiatric hold for 72 hours after 9-1-1 was called upon in Los Angeles for her. At that moment the actress had been reported to be walking stark naked on a Los Angeles street. Apparently, she flagged a vehicle explaining that she has been descending from some psychotic episode,

After the officers reached the spot, Amanda Bynes was carried away to the police depot where professionals in mental health were present and suggested to be hospitalized immediately.

Looking at the present situation, the family of the actress is in constant contact with experts, and the duration of the period she will be under supervision is still unclear. Generally, under normal circumstances, a hold of 5150 lasts for around 3 days which can be altered either by a judge or a doctor if they get the impression that further treatment would be necessary.

Sources have still not revealed the name of the believed drug that had been abused by Amanda Bynes but a history of Adderall runs in her- a type of drug that when used inappropriately can cause severe weight loss.