Texas Voting Rights Bill Discussed Between Manchin And Democrats

Abby Finkenauer
Abby Finkenauer

Joe Manchin, who happens to be an integral vote for the attempts towards passing the legislation about federal voting rights and Texas Voting Rights, said on Thursday that he met a group of Democrats from Texas. These Democrats are said to have escaped from their state to try and block the voting bills which put them under restrictions. However, there has been clarity on the issue and there has been absolute agreement on their demands, which happens to be the protection of the Texas voting rights.

The Democrats arrived on Monday in Washington. Since then, they have been seeking meetings with Congress members, urging them to pass legislation about voting rights. Joe Manchin, who happens to a Democrat has remained at the focal point of this issue for weeks. Removal of the filibuster would enable the Democrats to be able to pass the Texas Voting Rights bill by a majority.

What Is Manchin’s Play In The Texas Voting Rights bill?

Representative of the state of Texas, Joe Moody, who was also one of the Democrat attendees at the Washington meeting, claimed that the delegation from Texas was pleased after their conversation about the Texas Voting Rights with Manchin. He took pleasure in saying that Manchin took out a generous amount of time for the meeting and reassured the Democrats from Texas. Manchin is also said to share the common aim of protecting the Texas Voting Rights, just like the Texas Democrats. Both parties involved in the conversation aimed at preserving equal rights of voting for all American citizens across all the states. 

Although Moody was removed from his chair as the Speaker, he claims that he has absolutely no regrets and says that the fight for the preservation of voting rights has been a justified one. He also says that the removal of his political title does not change his values and he would continue to fight for what he believes, the Texas Voting Rights.