Smith-Cameron Hints Succession Season 3 Finale Will Be Shocking: Speaks Of Betrayal

Succession season 3
Succession season 3

J Smith-Cameron, one of the stars of Succession Season 3 has spoken about the huge betrayal in the final episode. She spoke of the role her character played.

Succession season 3 ends abruptly. Though there aren’t any deaths, the end shows the Roys, especially the children, being shaken up as fresh alliances are formed and a total lack of trust between Logan and the children.

The final moments in Succession Season 3 are stunning with Tom, played by Mathew MacFadyen betraying Shiv (played by Sarah Snook), Kendall (played by Jeremy Strong), and Roman (Played by Kieran Culkin).

He jumps ship and tips off Logan (Brian Cox) that his kids have planned and executed a total coup to gain control over Waystar Royco. Tom has also brought in Greg. who was ready for an unholy alliance, on his journey.

Even as the children in the Roy family rushed for a seat at the table after the sale of GoJo to Waystar, the only ones safe were the veterans Gerri, Karl, and Frank.

It what turned out to be a surprising about-turn right from the season’s start, Gerri nixed Roman’s plea for a last-minute reprieve, coldly declaring that his sole concerns lay with the best interests of the company’s shareholders. Roman and Gerri’s relationship appears to have ended once for all.

 The Journey Ahead For Gerri And Roman in Succession season 3

It is difficult to even guess which way Roman and Gerri’s relationsip is headed in Succession Season 3. They are too connected to stay away indefinitely for extended periods. They need to make contact soon, even if only as enemies.

The chance of a physical relationship between them was something that wasn’t destined to happen even as Gerri considered it fleetingly. Even she was aware that it was not to be. The relationship was getting on Gerri’s nerves.

When asked about the point of time when she realized that it was going to blow up in their face, Gerry said that things have to be seen from the business perspective.

People had been seeing Roman and Gerri as a couple but it was inevitable. Gerri had warned and chastised Roman innumerable times as he threatened her livelihood. But there was a sadness to the inevitable end to Succession Season 3.

Gerri says that there was much sadness shown, and she felt that it was a tragic love tale.