Head Of The Class Scrapped Off

Head Of The Class
Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class was a much-anticipated release. Fans waited eagerly for the series to be aired. Unfortunately, the show disappointed the audiences to a large extent. The sitcom was aired on HBO Max for the first time on 4th November. The screenplay and the story failed to appeal to the targeted audiences. 

The show was a remake of the 1986 show. The earlier show also had an identical title. Michael Elias & Rich Eustis were the original creators of the show. It was later restructured by Seth Cohen and Amy Pocha. The sitcom revolves around the lives of a bunch of high school goers. The students are excellent in studies and can safely be called an overachiever. 

These students face one of the biggest hurdles in their life when they are asked to deviate from their studies. One of their teachers, Alicia Gomez suggests they come out of the academic world. Gomez advises the students to experience the real world and have fun. 

Head Of The Class failed to recreate the 90’s magic. The earlier show ran for multiple seasons. However, the reviews this time around were not great. Audiences gave the series an okayish review. The sitcom got a sixty-seven percent rating by Rotten Tomatoes. Let us learn more in detail below. 

Head Of The Class Will Have No More Seasons 

It was a tough decision to make. However, the poor performance of ” Head Of The Class” compelled HBO Max to make the decision. The company announced that the show will not feature anymore on the network. The initial season had ten seasons which will be the final episodes. 

A representative from HBO Max extended their gratitude to the entire team. They thanked the casts for their hard work and discipline. Head Of The Table is the second originals to be scraped off. “Generation” is the other show that got canceled by the platform. 

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