American To Sell $619M Worth Of F-16 To Taiwan: Package Approved By Biden Administration


The US has approved the prospective sale of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan worth $619M. The deal could include hundreds of missions for the frontline fighter jets even as boiling tension with China spills over.

The Biden government formally notified Congress about the prospective sale of the F-16 fighters, missiles, and related equipment in March. This announcement comes within days of the visit by Michael Chase, the top China official representing the Pentagon, to Taiwan and also the American Deputy Asst. Secretary.

 State Department representatives have said that the sale of the F-16s is following the Relations Act with Taiwan. It is also part of the long-standing policy of One-China. Under this policy, America supplies services and defense articles to Taiwan that help it retain sufficient capabilities in self-defense.

Taiwan will pay for the F-16s. The US would support Taiwan and ensure that the steps taken by the island nation would contribute to maintaining stability and peace in the Taiwan Strait plus across the region. It would also enhance the nation’s self-defense capability. 

China Rebukes US For ‘F-16 War Hype’

The move to sell F-16s to Taiwan has drawn a sharp response from China. It has taken a strong exception to the sale and assistance being provided by the American military to Taiwan. Wang Wenbin, the spokesman for the foreign stressed that China would firmly oppose any official interaction or military relations between Taiwan and America.

American policymakers, military experts, and officials regularly warn that an offensive targeting Taiwan is imminent. The American President has reiterated that the US would stand by Taiwan if China attacks the tiny island nation.

China has maintained that America was increasing the rhetoric of a military engagement across the Taiwan Straits separating the two. The Chinese have maintained that such moves were manipulative, and attempts to trick Taiwan into supporting an anti-China policy.