LeBron Crushes The Pels And Leads The Los Angeles Lakers To The Postseason Championship Game

LA Lakers

Just a few weeks away from turning 39, LeBron James has the perfect stage to demonstrate that he is still at the top of his game thanks to the NBA’s debut in-season tournament. In the Los Angeles Lakers’ 133-89 victory against the New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday, James put on a show. At the same time, dramatic theatre lighting set the mood for the championship semifinals at T-Mobile Arena.

James led the Los Angeles Lakers to a Saturday championship game matchup with the Indiana Pacers, who had defeated the Milwaukee Bucks previously in the day. James also contributed eight assists, five rebounds, and thirty points. And to think, James considered giving up on the game and the competition, where he still thrives, coming into this past summer.

Los Angeles Lakers On Their Classic Victory

“I wouldn’t leave it on because I wouldn’t have had the table set up if you decided to quit or do anything else that would mean you’re no longer involved,” James stated to ESPN.  In his twenty-first season, the Lakers star has been so good for so long that games like the one he had against the Pelicans, where he made nine of twelve shots (including four of four from three), had no turnovers, and finished with a plus-minus of plus-36 in his twenty-three minutes of play, sometimes seemed normal for him.

Nevertheless, putting his teammate Austin Reaves’ age in perspective makes James’ actions on the basketball court even more ridiculous. Shaquille O’Neal, who has retired since 2011, was seated courtside during the tournament.

Like in the 61 seconds that he spent in the second quarter to start putting the Los Angeles Lakers in charge when James made three 3-pointers, the last of which qualified as a heat check since the audience was waiting for him to shoot from 30 feet out right away as he grabbed the ball past half court.